Biomancers are mages of biology: they can magically control or create biological organisms. They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon restrictions, etc. but with a different spell list. Asterisks next to the spell name indicate the spell is reversible; reversible spells are learned separately from the normal version.  Spells work the same as the like named spell from whichever edition you’re using, except as noted.

First Level Spells

  1. Charm Animal– as Charm Person, but includes unintelligent ordinary creatures, but not monsters.
  2. Detect Life – as Detect Magic, but for living Organisms
  3. Cure Light Wounds
  4. Purify Food and Water
  5. Bio-luminescence – as Light
  6. Bio-Blast – as Magic Missile.
  7. Protection from Living – as Protection from Evil, but vs. living organisms.
  8. Sedate – as Remove Fear
  9. Animal Friendship
  10. Speak with Animals – speak with ordinary animals for 1 minute/caster level
  11. Summon Animal – summon a 1 HD/level of ordinary animal from a parallel dimension to fight for you for 1 combat round/caster level, or perform simple tasks for 1 turn/level.
  12. Delay Poison – postpones the effects of poison 1 hour/level

Second Level Spells

  1. Continual Bio-luminescence – as Continual Light
  2. Speak with Animal
  3. Boost -increase subject’s Attr by 1d4+1 for 1 hour/caster level, imposes one level of exhaustion when it wears off. There are five different versions of this spell that must be learned separately: Alpha (INT), Beta (DEX), Delta (MV), Gamma (STR), and Epsilon (CON). Use potion miscibility tables for multiple boosts on the same subject.
  4. Invisibility to Animals
  5. Animal Messenger – sends a tiny animal to a specific place carrying a message, duration 1 day/level.
  6. Locate Animal – as Locate Object, but only for living creatures
  7. Hold Animal
  8. Sleep
  9. Web
  10. Tree Shape  – take the form of a tree for 1 hour/level
  11. Plant Growth
  12. Summon Swarm

Third Level Spells

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Cure Disease
  3. Creature Growth – as Animal Growth but applies to any biological creature.
  4. Wings – as Fly, but grows a pair of wings
  5. Amphetamine Boost – as Haste, but applies to living creatures only
  6. Hold Animal – as Hold Person, but to any living creature but not monsters
  7. Mutate Sense Organs – grants the sense organs of a particular kind of creature, which may bestow Infravision, echolocation, keen sense of smell, or even sense electrical currents, depending on the creature chosen.  Otherwise as Infravision.
  8. Invisibility to Animals 10′ radius/Invisibility – can choose whether to make all in 10′ radius around caster invisible to animals or the caster alone invisible to all biological creatures.
  9. Contagion – inflict target with disease
  10. Protection from Living 10′ radius
  11. Mutate/Devolve – As Polymorph other, but inflicts random mutation on target. Reversed removes mutation, or if cast on a non-mutated creature reverts it to a more primitive form.
  12. Gills – as Water Breathing, but grows gills.

Fourth Level Spells

  1. Charm Monster
  2. Confuse
  3. Cure Serious Wounds
  4. Anti-Plant Shell
  5. Hallucinatory Terrain
  6. Mass Morph
  7. Polymorph Other
  8. Polymorph Self
  9. Antidote – as Neutralize Poison
  10. Wall of Thorns
  11. Control Plants
  12. Fly on the Wall -as Wizard Eye, but a tiny flying insect

Fifth Level Spells

  1. Giant Vermin –
  2. Spores – as Cloud Kill
  3. Summon Monster
  4. Commune With Nature
  5. Confusion
  6. Hold Monster
  7. Insect Plague
  8. Raise Dead*
  9. Cure Critical Wounds
  10. Repel Vermin
  11. Liveoak – oak becomes a treant guardian.
  12. Tree Stride

Sixth Level Spells

  1. Anti-life Shell  also wards out Biomancy Spells
  2. Conjure Biologicals – as Conjure Animals, but any biological creatures.
  3. Death Spell
  4. Deliquesce – as Disintegrate
  5. Heal*
  6.  – as Invisible Stalker, but a cloud of invisible nanites
  7. Regenerate
  8. Restoration
  9. Resurrection
  10. Transport via Biomass – as Transport via Plants, but via any biological entities.
  11. Clone – as Reincarnation, but copies the deceased’s personality an identical body but without any of the wear-and-tear of the original. The new body starts without any calluses, built-up immunities, or muscle memory: treat STR, DX, and CON as 1, with each healing at the normal rate of 1 pt per day until they reach whatever the character started with at level 1 (which may actually be better than the recently deceased version).
  12. Shapechange – transform into any creature, once per round for 10 minutes/level.

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