Technomancers are mages of machinery: they can magically control or create machinery, as long as it’s not self-aware (that is the province of Robomancers).   As long as it’s not self-aware there is no fixed upper limit on the size of the machine that can be controlled: a gigantic earth-mover is much the same as an electric toothbrush to a Technomancer. They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, etc. but with a different spell list.  If using DCC, use Technomancers from Crawljammer Issue 2, but with these spells instead. Asterisks next to the spell name indicate the spell is reversible; reversible spells are learned separately from the normal version.  Spells work the same as the like named spell from whichever edition you’re using, except as noted. Spells that note the use of a device such as a gun or goggles require the spell to be placed in the device; after that the device may be used by another, but the Technomancer can dismiss the spell providing the power at will.

First Level Spells

  1. Charm Machine – as Charm Person, but for machinery; since the machinery must be non-sentient, charming it has the effect of making it one step easier to use in all respects for the Technomancer (e.g. gain advantage to activate it in 5e, one die better on the dice-chain in DCC, one die more favorable on any fumble tables) and one step harder to use in all aspects for somebody trying to employ it against the Technomancer (disadvantage/-1d, one step worse on fumbles).  Does not apply to simple muscle-powered weapons like swords and axes, but does apply to more complex weapons like crossbows.  The machine saves vs. charm based on its number of HD, or if it doesn’t have HD the number of dice of damage it does.
  2. Detect Machinery – as Detect Magic, but will cause machinery within 60′ to glow, even if hidden such as within walls or statues, where the glow will cause the surrounding material to appear translucent, with superimposed numbers giving its tech level and exact dimensions as if in a blue-print.
  3. Create Hover-disk – as Floating Disk
  4. Hold Portal
  5. Light*
  6. Blaster – as Magic Missile, but the Technomancer must have a designated “gun” to fire the bolt from; the bolt doesn’t have to be fired immediately, but recasting the spell before it’s fired will drain the energy and transfer it to the new gun.
  7. Protection from Machines – as Protection from Evil, but vs. machines.
  8. Read Languages – goggles
  9. Read Manuals – as Read Magic, but applying to technical manuals describing the operation and repair of machinery, even alien or ancient machinery.

Second Level Spells

  1. Continual Light
  2. Detect Intelligence– as Detect Evil, but for robots and other self-aware creatures including intelligent biological creatures (Int >= 3)
  3. Detect Invisible – goggles
  4. Telecommunications – as ESP, but only for the “thoughts” of machines, including communications going through machines. E.g. a door might be “thinking” I am closed and waiting for somebody with the correct hand-print to open me; a radio would be “thinking” whatever the person using it is saying into the mic.
  5. Invisibility to Machinery – as Invisibility, but only to machines…but that does include mechanical traps (even pressure traps) and sensors (e.g. somebody looking through closed-circuit TV or through low-light vision goggles).
  6. Knock
  7. Elevator – as Levitate, but creates a physical elevator platform which can hold more than one person if they squeeze (each must make a DX save to stay on, one step harder for each extra human-sized person, no save necessary if it’s somebody small enough for the Technomancer to carry).
  8. Locate Machine – as Locate Object, but only for machines
  9. Holographic Double – as Mirror Image
  10. Hologram – as Phantasmal Force
  11. Web – gun
  12. Lock – as Wizard Lock

Third Level Spells

  1. Video Feed– as Clairvoyance but can hijack the video feed of any machine with cameras in the area (or other sensors if present).
  2. Deactivate  – as Dispel but turns off machinery
  3. Fire Ball – gun
  4. Jet Pack – as Fly, but with a pack
  5. Overclock – as Haste, but applies to machines only
  6. Hold Machine – as Hold Person, but only for machines
  7. Infravision – goggles
  8. Invisibility to Machines 10′ radius
  9. Lightning – gun
  10. Protection from Machines 10′ radius
  11. Force Field – as Protection from Normal Missiles (which includes ray guns, etc).
  12. SCUBA – as Water Breathing.

Fourth Level Spells

  1. Charm E.L.F. – as Charm Monster, but only on Engineered Life Forms
  2. Confuse Machine – as Confuse but on machines
  3. Teleportal –  as Dimension Door
  4. Containment Protocol – as Grow Plants, but closes and locks all doors, windows, blast-doors, air vents, teleporters, and so forth in the area making it impossible to progress without smashing through them. Only works in areas that have such openings, though they need not actually have mechanical actuators and a containment protocol programmed into them… the spell will provide the machinery necessary, even adding physical doors to doorways and other openings.
  5. Hallucination Field – as Hallucinatory Terrain, but capable of concealing/looking like completely artificial structures.
  6. Camouflage – as Mass Morph, but capable of hiding creatures in artificial environs.
  7. Transform Machine – transforms one machine into another, with the same restrictions as Polymorph others in terms of machine Hit Dice, etc.
  8. Transform Self – transforms self into a machine, as per Polymorph Self, and the caster can operate herself as if she were at the controls. That is, if she transforms into a truck, she can roll out without a driver.
  9. Remove Virus – as Remove Curse but applies to viruses, whether “natural” or a result of technomantic spells.
  10. Wall of Fire
  11. Wall of Junk – as Wall of Ice, but made of junk.
  12. Spy Drone -as Wizard Eye

Fifth Level Spells

  1. Animate Machine – as Animate Dead but for machines: grants machines the ability to move, manipulate objects, fight, and obey the commands of the Technomancer even if they need to grow new parts or re-purpose existing ones to do so, e.g. a Franklin stove might grow wheels and belch flame from its chimney.
  2. Poison Cloud– as Cloud Kill, but spreads from the Technomancer’s designated device.
  3. Create Machine – as Conjure Elemental, but creates powerful machine
  4. Contact AI – as Contact Higher Plane, but for Transcendent AIs
  5. Virus – as Confusion, but to machines and AIs
  6. Hold E.L.F. – as Hold Monster, but Engineered Life Form.
  7. Upload – as Magic Jar, but requires a computer or equivalent magitech
  8. Insta-Door – as Passwall
  9. Waldo – as Telekinesis, but with an actual hovering drone that can be remotely manipulated
  10. Boom Tube – as Teleport, but creates a tube that can carries everybody in a single area (a 5′ square) at the moment it is cast.
  11. Nano-Disassembler*  – as Rock to Mud, but machinery and masonry to piles of parts.
  12. Construction – as Wall of Stone, but summons construction machinery that extrudes the wall.

Sixth Level Spells

  1. E.M.P. Shell – as Anti-Magic Shell, but blocks all machinery (including robots) or electromagnetic effects (such as lightning bolts) or Technomancy spells from entering or leaving the shell.
  2. Control Life Support – as Control Weather, but only applies to artificial environmental control systems (HVAC, sprinkler systems, plumbing); extends to control of outdoor weather on planets that have weather under the control of machines (e.g. weather control satellites).
  3. Rad Burst – as Death Spell, but affects creatures and machines that are susceptible to radiation.
  4. Nanite Bolt – as Disintegrate
  5. Program*  – as Geas, but only applies to machines
  6. Nanite Storm – as Invisible Stalker, but a cloud of invisible nanites
  7. Lower Radiation – As Lower Water, but lowers the dose of radiation in an area by 50% (twice as long between exposure checks)
  8. Move Earth – summons a swarm of gigantic earth moving machines; all they will do is move the earth around as per the spell, but while the spell lasts they can be climbed on, ridden around, etc.  They are slow enough moving that they don’t pose a danger to creatures capable of moving.
  9. Hydrophobic Field – as Part Water
  10. Holographic Duplicate – as Projected Image
  11. Reboot – as Reincarnation, but copies the deceased’s personality into a random E.L.F.
  12. Machinery to Flesh – as Stone to Flesh, but works as a counter to Zombot infestation, nanite tinkering, as well as the Flesh to Machinery spell.  Its reverse turns a living creature into an automaton (not self-willed, not even really programmable: the Technomancer can give it one simple command at a time, as long as it requires no decisions, such as walk forward, dig a hole, etc.  It will keep doing whatever its last command was until it’s impossible to proceed or it wears out.



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