Archaeomancers are mages of ancient knowledge and unearthing mysteries. They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon and armor restrictions, etc. but with a different spell list.  They also get the skills of a Thief (Lawful Thief if you’re using DCC), with bonuses as a Thief of half their level, rounded down; they don’t get back-stab, or any non-skill thief abilities or restrictions.  They may use ancient artifacts that they uncover, if they can figure them out, regardless of class restrictions the artifact might otherwise have.  E.g. an Archaeomancer that discovers a light saber can learn to wield it, though with the attack bonuses of a Wizard. Spells work the same as the like named spell from whichever edition you’re using, except as noted.

Each level the Archaeomancer can choose one spell that is actually an ancient device that the Archaeomancer has unearthed: that “spell” can be cast without preparation, verbal or material components, or chance of spell mishap/corruption, but the caster must be able to hold the device and manipulate it with both hands; if the device is ever lost or destroyed the caster will have to acquire the spell all over again. At first level Archeomancers can construct devices based on ancient texts to allow them to cast Light, Know Direction, Mage Hand, and Open/Close as Cantrips.

Like other E&E mages, Archaeomancers can’t normally learn spells from rival mages’ disciplines, but Archaeomancers’ version of Read Magic lets them cast a spell from a scroll or book regardless of discipline and without consuming it.  (Not much point in trying to unearth the secrets of ancient magic if you can never use it.)  Casting the spell from a scroll or book does use a “slot” of the appropriate level for the spell instead of the normal first level Read Magic slot; or in DCC requires a spell check roll for the spell on the scroll instead of a Read Magic check, with loss of spell being treated as the loss of Read Magic.  On a roll of 20 for the spell check the Archaeomancer gains the ability to learn the spell from the scroll or book as if it were an Archaeomancer spell, though learning it still requires going through the usual procedure for learning a new spell and has to obey any level and spells known restrictions.

First Level Spells

  1. Alarm
  2. Animate Rope
  3. Detect Magic
  4. Detect Secret Doors
  5. Feather Fall
  6. Floating Disk
  7. Hold Portal
  8. Identify
  9. Protection from Evil
  10. Read Languages
  11. Read Magic
  12. Unseen Servant

Second Level Spells

  1. Continual Light
  2. Dark Vision
  3. Detect Evil
  4. Detect Invisible
  5. Detect Thoughts
  6. Grease
  7. Invisibility
  8. Knock
  9. Levitate
  10. Locate Object
  11. Rope Trick
  12. Wizard Lock

Third Level Spells

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Create Food and Water
  3. Create Shelter – as Leomund’s Tiny Hut
  4. Dispel Magic
  5. Fly
  6. Invisibility 10′ radius
  7. Legend Lore
  8. Phantom Steed
  9. Scrying
  10. Shrink Item
  11. Tongues
  12. Water Breathing

Fourth Level Spells

  1. Arcane Eye
  2. Contact Other Plane
  3. Dimension Door
  4. Dimensional Anchor
  5. Dismissal
  6. Divination
  7. Locate Creature
  8. Remove Curse
  9. Teleport
  10. True Seeing

Fifth Level Spells

  1. Anti-magic Field
  2. Astral Projection
  3. Banishment
  4. Discern Location
  5. Etherealness
  6. Find the Path
  7. Guards and Wards
  8. Teleport without Error

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