Robomancers are mages of robotics: they can magically control or create robots and artificial intelligences. They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon restrictions, etc. but with a different spell list. Asterisks next to the spell name indicate the spell is reversible; reversible spells are learned separately from the normal version.  Spells work the same as the like named spell from whichever edition you’re using, except as noted.  For purposes of Robomancy, “robot” covers robots, non-sentient computer systems, and complex electronic equipment, and the mechanical parts of cyborgs, basically non-sentient programmed machinery.  Despite the terminology it also covers golems and other magical automatons. AI covers sentient machinery, including androids, but not Engineered Life Forms, replicants, and other biological constructs; it also covers magical sentient artifacts, such as intelligent swords or mirrors, but not magical creatures, not even non-biological ones such as elementals.

Robomancers can Turn robots, but not AIs, as a Cleric of equivalent level can Turn undead.

The robomancer has a toolkit, about the size of a large chest, which serves as the robomancer’s spellbook (with the same consequences for the robomancer if the toolkit is lost or destroyed as if a regular Wizard lost her spellbook). The toolkit has a nanite fabber capable of turning out parts for robots; the robomancer must have the toolkit or a similar source of parts (such as scrapped robots or machinery) to cast any spell that says it builds.

Robot Companions

At first level a Robomancer gains a robotic mule companion for free.  This companion is otherwise as a normal mule, but has AC equivalent to chainmail and requires no sustenance or rest; it cannot fight; if destroyed it can be replaced a long as the robomancer has a toolkit, but no more than once per day; if lost it will eventually find its way back to the robomancer as long as its not physically restrained or unless the robomancer deactivates it remotely (so that she can build another). The robomancer can only have one mule at a time.

At third level a Robomancer gains a robotic animal companion for free, as per a Ranger’s animal companion, except it will have AC equivalent to chainmail (unless it would normally have better AC because of, say, its small size and speed).  If it is destroyed the Robomancer can create a new one, but it will take a week.

At fifth level, a Robomancer gains an android valet for free.  The android is as a normal man, but with AC equivalent to chainmail (it may wear armor for higher AC).  It has stats rolled randomly, as a beginning character, but the Robomancer may arrange them in any order. It is completely loyal to the Robomancer, but otherwise autonomous. It advances in level as a Fighter as per the henchmen rules. If it is destroyed, the Robomancer may create a new one (with either the same stats or rolling anew), but it will take a month.

At seventh level, a Robomancer may build an android child or soul-mate. For an android child, stats are random but may be arranged, as per a valet. For a soul-mate, the stats may be rolled randomly or set the same as the Robomancers, but may be arranged in any order and traded off one-for-one. The Robomancer may reroll by taking another month and spending money equivalent to a common magic item.  The unused mindless blanks are usually either locked up or kicked loose; disassembling and re-using them eliminates the extra cost but invites contamination (in DCC each re-use doubles the fumble range, in other games the GM should roll a d20 and invoke some unpleasant consequence to the caster or the robot on a 1, then 2, then 4).  A Robomancer may create as many children as desired, taking one month and the cost of a common magic item each, but only ever one soul-mate at a time.  If the soul-mate is destroyed, the Robomancer suffers the consequences as if a familiar died. The Robomancer can create a completely identical soul-mate, but will never be completely satisfied with it, and it will usually come to resent the Robomancer for that.  Children level as the non-magic using class of the Robomancer’s choice.  Soul-Mates level as any class of the Robomancer’s choice, except for Cleric (or other divine caster) since they literally share a soul with the Robomancer and so are not eligible as a vessel for the gods.

Robotic children and soul-mates are full-fledged autonomous AIs; they are initially programmed to love the Robomancer, but that feeling can fade or change to hate depending on how they are treated. They should be played as NPCs under the GM’s control, rather than extensions of the player’s will as with most other robots.

Permanent Robots

Starting at third level a Robomancer may build ordinary kinds of permanent robots, using the Robot spells and spending money for parts. Each level of robot increases the cost (from the cost of a common magic item for Robot 1.0 to a legendary magic item for Robot 5.0. Robot 6.0 can only be created as a permanent robot by going on a quest) and the time needed to create (1.0 – 1 hour, 2.0 – one day 3.0 – one week, 4.0 – one month, 5.0 – one year).

First Level Spells

  1. Build Robot 1.0 – as Summon Monster, but builds a robot from your toolkit which can fight for you for 1 round/level.
  2. Charm Robot– as Charm Person, but for robots and AIs.
  3. Cosmic Ray – as Magic Missile but only vs. robots, computers and AIs.
  4. Detect Robot – as Detect Magic, but for robots and AIs; will reveal the robotic nature of androids and replicants.
  5. Identify Robot – determine the purpose and basic commands of a robot or AI.  Does not grant the mage authority to execute commands that require security clearance, but the mage at least knows what they are.  Does not reveal the presence of hidden commands or modes.
  6. Minor Repair – as Cure Light Wounds, but for damage to robots.
  7. Sleep Mode – as Sleep, but only for robots and AIs.
  8. Protection from Robots – as Protection from Evil, but vs. robots and AIs.
  9. Read Instruction Manual – as Read Languages, but applies to instruction manuals, warning signs, circuit diagrams, and so forth for all kinds of robots, AIs, etc.  no matter how ancient or alien.
  10. Robot Friendship -as Animal Friendship but for robots and AIs
  11. Robot Familiar – as Summon Familiar, but the Robomancer builds a small robot.
  12. Speak with Robot – speak with robots and AIs, regardless of the human languages they’ve been programmed to understand, for 1 minute/caster level.

Second Level Spells

  1. Build Robot 2.0 – as Summon Monster II, but builds a robot.
  2. Attack Drone – as Spiritual Weapon, but builds a drone equipped to attack with a melee or missile weapon.
  3. Reformat– as Dispel, but for computer/magical systems such as those controlling traps and sensors or high-tech weapons.
  4. Debug – as Lesser Restoration, repairs 1d4 ability damage robot or AI has sustained
  5. Interceptor Swarm – as Protection from Normal Missiles
  6. Messenger Drone – as Animal Messenger, but sends a tiny drone
  7. Patch – adds 1d4+1 to one attribute of a robot or AI for 1 hr./level
  8. Read RAM – as ESP but for robots and AIs
  9. Reboot – as Hold Person, but holds a robot or AI helpless while it reboots
  10. Screen Saver – as Hypnotic Pattern, but for robots and AIs
  11. Spoof Sensors – as Invisibility, but only to robots and AIs
  12. Swarm of Drones – as Summon Swarm, but builds tiny flying robots

Third Level Spells 

  1. Build Robot 3.0 – as Summon Monster III, but builds a robot
  2. Clean – removes virus from system
  3. Enhanced Privileges – as Charm Monster, but for robots and AIs
  4. Factory Reset – as Remove Curse, but for robots and AIs
  5. Malware – as Bestow Curse, but vs. robots and AIs (-6 to an ability, or -4 to attacks/saves/checks, or 50% of losing each action)
  6. Overclock – as Haste, but for robots and AIs
  7. Protection from Robots 10′ radius
  8. Reprogram – as Lesser Geas, but for robots and AIs
  9. Short Circuit – as Lightning Bolt but vs. robots and AIs, if the bolt strikes living creatures it causes a painful but harmless shock.
  10. Upgrade – as Enlarge Animal but builds nanite add-ons that double the size of one robot (2 x ST, 2 x Damage), or makes one robot a self-aware AI. Either effect persists as long as the robot continues to exist. Robots made self-aware are not necessarily friendly towards the caster (roll reaction).
  11. Video Feed – as Clairvoyance, but lets the mage see the video feeds from robots and AIs
  12. Virus – as Contagion,  but inflict target robot or AI with a virus

Fourth Level Spells

  1. Analyse Logs – read the long-term memory and instructions of a robot or AI.
  2. Brick – as Finger of Death, but for robots only
  3. Build Robot 4.0 – as Summon Monster IV, but builds a robot
  4. D.L.C. – as Imbue with Spell Ability
  5. Logic Paradox – as Confuse, but for robots and AIs
  6. Major Overhaul – as Cure Serious Wounds, but for robots and AIs
  7. Modify Memory – only for robots and AIs
  8. Restore From Backup – as Raise Dead, but for AIs.  Robots can be rebuilt with Major Overhaul even if they lose all their HP, but their memory and personality don’t survive.
  9. Spy Drone -as Wizard Eye, but builds a tiny flying robot
  10. Traceroute – locate robot or AI
  11. Transform – as Polymorph Others but reconfigures a robot’s body into a different robot body.
  12. Wall of I.C.E. – as Wall of Ice, but creates a barrier of Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics that prevents robots and AIs from passing. The barrier is a shimmering curtain of Matrix-style text.

Fifth Level Spells

  1. Anti-Virus – grants immunity to viruses and Brick spells
  2. Build Robot 5.0 – as Summon Monster V, but builds a robot
  3. Clippy – as Feeblemind, but for robots/AI
  4. Contact Higher Intelligence – as Contact Higher Plane, but contacts one of the greater AIs
  5. Create Warbot – as Conjure Elemental but builds a warbot
  6. Create Zombot – as Animate Dead, but corpses are animated mechanically through nanite infection.
  7. DDOS – as Power Word: Stun, but stuns robot/AI with up to 150 hp
  8. EMP Blast – as Death Spell, but for robots
  9. Fabricate – builds new items from raw materials
  10. Nanite Swarm – as Insect Plague but builds tiny robots
  11. Network – as Telepathic Bond, but for robots/AIs and the mage
  12. Sudo – as Greater Command, but for robots and AIs

Sixth Level Spells

  1. Android Double – as Simulacrum, but builds an android
  2. Build Robot 6.0 – as Summon Monster VI, but builds a robot
  3. Create Greater Zombot – as Create Greater Undead, but the corpses brought back to a horrible semblance of life have extra powers as per the CGU spell.
  4. Firewall – as Forbiddence but denies area to such robots/AIs the caster designates, e.g. any who don’t know the password “Sw0rdf1$h”
  5. Nanite Disassembler – as Disintegrate
  6. Permanence – can make lesser Robot building spells permanent.
  7. Reimage – as Reincarnate but for robots and AIs, building a new body.
  8. Root – as Dominate Person but for robots and AIs
  9. Spoof Sensors 2.0 – as Mass Invisibility towards robot/AIs/sensors
  10. Summon Mecha – summons a 15 HD giant robot (as Storm Giant) from an extra-dimensional pocket for the mage to pilot; piloting the mecha acts much as Polymorph Self, in that the mage can’t cast spells while piloting, nor does it change to hit rolls or saves.
  11. Upload – as Magic Jar, copies willing target’s personality into a robot
  12. Worm – as Geas, but for robots and AIs

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