Chem-Slingers brew potions that can be shot from a “Caster” gun.  They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon restrictions (except they may use guns), but with a different spell list.  A Chem-Slinger’s potions are brewed in advance, but require a magical charge to become active.  This works mechanically pretty much however magic spells work in the base system. If you’re using a system where each spell has to be prepared or memorized each day, prepared means the Chem-Slinger must brew that particular potion in the morning for use later in the day, and if it isn’t used it becomes inert; if the system allows you to prepare spells and then spend “slots” to cast any prepared spell (5e) the Chem-Slinger makes multiple copies of whatever potions are “prepared” and then makes them active by spending a slot to supply the magical power; at the end of day the power dissipates and the potion becomes useless.  Unlike spells, once the Chem-Slinger activates them potions may be handed off to somebody else to use.  Normally, though, Chem-Slingers use the potions themselves, as ammunition for their Casters, which give them a number of ways to deliver the potion.

Chem-Slingers have a portable lab instead of a spellbook, and their Caster. Should they ever lose them they can be replaced: the lab as per replacing a spellbook, the caster as a common magic item (100 g.p. and 4 days). Chem-Slingers do not need a caster to create and use potions, but if they don’t have one they have to deliver them the old-fashioned way: by drinking or throwing them.

Starting at 3rd Level, Chem-Slingers may brew potions that will last until they’re used instead of expiring after one day, using the regular rules for potion creation for whatever system you’re using.

Each level the Chem-Slinger may choose one more way the Caster can deliver the potion:


  • Slug – delivers full power to one target.
  • Gas Cloud – delivers partial power to multiple targets; expands and drifts in the wind, then disperses.
  • Explosion – covers an area
  • Oil – coats the target, can spread to other targets that touch the original (1/2 damage or 1/2 duration on spread)
  • Glob – encases the target, restrains the target (same save as original to escape, repeated each turn)
  • Slick – spreads on the ground and impedes movement: treat as difficult ground.  For non-damaging spells effect duration of the patch is per the spell or potion (divided by the number of targets in the area if the spell wasn’t area effect already) and the effect on each target continues while the target is in the patch, for damage-dealing spells the duration in turns is selectable and the damage per turn is proportional to selected duration. e.g. if the duration chosen for the patch is 5 turns, targets in the patch take 1/5 damage each turn they remain in the patch.
  • Web – filaments that anchor themselves, affect those that move through. Durations and damage as per slick, movement is at normal speed but requires a Strength check for each space moved through, with the effect not taking place if the Strength checks are all made.
  • Wall – fills wide but shallow area. Full effect for anybody who passes through the wall (with the usual adjustments for turning single-target into area).
  • Spray – cone.

Any potion the Chem-Slinger knows how to make (or can acquire) can be delivered via the Caster in any of the methods the Chem-Slinger can use. How the spell/potion works depends on the original area of effect/number of targets and the Method chosen.  Single-Target spells with Single-Target methods (Slug, Oil, Glob) have full effect, ditto for Multi-Target spells with Multi-Target Effects (Gas Cloud, Explosion, Slick, Web, Wall, Spray).  Single-Target spells fired as Multi-Target methods split their effect among the targets actually hit: for damage-dealing spells you roll the damage and divide it evenly, for other spells you divide the duration among the targets; if the spell is an instant spell (such as cure disease or dispel magic) then for beneficial effects it affects every target in the area who makes their save, for detrimental effects those who fail their save, with a bonus/penalty to the save of +/- 1 per target affected.  Multi-Target spells fired via Single-Target methods increase their effect: they are maximized as per the Maximize Magic feat. Regardless of the normal area of effect of a spell, as a potion the Chem-Slinger can only fire it as one of the methods he’s mastered.

First Level Potions

  1. Burning Hands
  2. Cause Fear
  3. Charm Person
  4. Color Spray
  5. Cure Light Wounds
  6. Enlarge*
  7. Grease
  8. Hold Portal
  9. Light*
  10. Magic Missile
  11. Shield
  12. Sleep

Second Level Potions

  1. Blindness/Deafness
  2. Boost (choose one of Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, or Endurance)
  3. Daylight
  4. Flaming Sphere
  5. Fog Cloud
  6. Hypnotic Pattern
  7. Invisibility
  8. Knock*
  9. Levitate
  10. Melf’s Acid Arrow
  11. Scare
  12. Web

Third Level Potions

  1. Blink
  2. Fireball
  3. Gaseous Form
  4. Haste*
  5. Hold Person
  6. Invisibility 10′ Radius
  7. Infravision
  8. Neutralize Poison
  9. Protection from Elements
  10. Sleet Storm
  11. Stinking Cloud
  12. Water Breathing

Fourth Level Potions

  1. Bestow Curse
  2. Charm Monster
  3. Confusion
  4. Growth of Plants
  5. Ice Storm
  6. Polymorph  – as Polymorph Others on others, as Polymorph Self on self.
  7. Rainbow Pattern
  8. Remove Curse
  9. Solid Fog
  10. Stoneskin
  11. Wall of Fire
  12. Wall of Ice

Fifth Level Potions

  1. Animal Growth
  2. Animate Dead
  3. Cloud Kill
  4. Cone of Cold
  5. Dismissal
  6. Dominate Person
  7. Feeblemind
  8. Healing Circle
  9. Hold Monster
  10. Pass Wall
  11. Transmute Rock to Mud*

Sixth Level Potions

  1. Acid Fog
  2. Anti-Magic Field
  3. Chain Lightning
  4. Death Spell
  5. Delayed Blast Fireball
  6. Disintegrate
  7. Ethereal Jaunt
  8. Healing Circle
  9. Mass Haste
  10. Mass Invisibility
  11. Mass Suggestion
  12. Prismatic Spray
  13. Stone to Flesh*



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