Ports of Call

These are some ports of call for a Elves and Espers campaign.  They’re far from the only, and there probably should be many worlds that are a lot safer and more advanced than these, where corporate employees can make a reliable living shuttling cargo from one place to another, but these are particularly ripe for adventure and […]

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Astral Encounters

Each day of Astral Travel guarantees one event with the possibility of more.  Roll a d6 for the type of the first event that day. Then roll 2d6: if one of the dice shows a 1, the other indicates a second event and the type of event.  Keep rolling 2d6 for additional events until neither comes […]

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The Cosmos

The Cosmos of Elves & Espers is a distinctly fantastic one, with planetary systems consisting of nested crystal spheres floating like bubbles in the vast ocean of ether.  The Cosmos consists of planes layered in successively higher “vibrational frequencies”: the void, space, the aether, and the astral. The Void The Abyss.  a.k.a. Sub-space or Null-space. At […]

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