300 Hobbies for your modern day/time-lost DCC Character. Roll (1d3 and 1d100) Hobby 100 3D printing 101 Acting 102 Action figure collecting 103 Air sports 104 Aircraft spotting 105 Airsoft 106 Amateur astronomy 107 Amateur geology 108 Amateur radio 109 American football 110 Animal fancy 111 Animation 112 Antiquing 113 Antiquities 114 Aqua-lung 115 Archery […]

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The Cosmos

The Cosmos of Elves & Espers is a distinctly fantastic one, with planetary systems consisting of nested crystal spheres floating like bubbles in the vast ocean of ether.  The Cosmos consists of planes layered in successively higher “vibrational frequencies”: the void, space, the aether, and the astral. The Void The Abyss.  a.k.a. Sub-space or Null-space. At […]

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I was going to write an Esper class, but honestly the Mysteic from Richard LeBlanc’s Basic Psionics Handbook is just better than anything I was contemplating so you should just go buy that.

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Chem-Slingers brew potions that can be shot from a “Caster” gun.  They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon restrictions (except they may use guns), but with a different spell list.  A Chem-Slinger’s potions are brewed in advance, but require a magical charge to become active.  This works mechanically pretty […]

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Archaeomancers are mages of ancient knowledge and unearthing mysteries. They advance as Wizards, with the same number of spells, bonuses, saves, weapon and armor restrictions, etc. but with a different spell list.  They also get the skills of a Thief (Lawful Thief if you’re using DCC), with bonuses as a Thief of half their level, rounded […]

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