Glowburn Begins!

The first episode of the Glowburn Podcast about the forthcoming Mutant Crawl Classics has been released, and it’s a pretty fun listen for a game that isn’t even out yet.  The podcast is hosted by Forrest Aguirre and Bill Hamilton, though good luck trying to figure that out from the podcast home page or the Google+ profile for the […]

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300 Hobbies for your modern day/time-lost DCC Character. Roll (1d3 and 1d100) Hobby 100 3D printing 101 Acting 102 Action figure collecting 103 Air sports 104 Aircraft spotting 105 Airsoft 106 Amateur astronomy 107 Amateur geology 108 Amateur radio 109 American football 110 Animal fancy 111 Animation 112 Antiquing 113 Antiquities 114 Aqua-lung 115 Archery […]

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DCC Modern Occupations

Here’s a handy list of six hundred 20th century occupations you can roll on for time/dimension lost characters.  They’re numbered from 100 to 699 so you can roll a d6 for the first digit and d100 for the remaining digits.  There are no starting weapon or trade goods, since those don’t tie very tightly to modern day […]

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Ports of Call

These are some ports of call for a Elves and Espers campaign.  They’re far from the only, and there probably should be many worlds that are a lot safer and more advanced than these, where corporate employees can make a reliable living shuttling cargo from one place to another, but these are particularly ripe for adventure and […]

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